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Theme Of Democrat National Convention: Crime Does Pay

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Democrats made it through the convention, working up from blah to Greek temple fireworks. It was at times boring, same old speak, heard it before, all promises, no results or anything to show for their 2006 presidential campaign promises. Nada. Not one thing accomplished except higher minimum wage which resulted in the July highest teen unemployment in 15 years.

Speaking at the DNC were the usual suspects: Murderer, Plagiarist, Felonious Liars, whose closets full of skeletons were only whispered about. Silent but watching in pubescent awe were the unethical lobbyists, bombers, terrorist supporters, Communists, anarchists, Russian and Muslim leaders.

Michelle and Barack Obama hid their elitist background, not mentioning their Ivy College degrees. No one talked about Obama’s career accomplishments – there are none. No one talked about Senator Barack Obama’s 143 days of Congressional service with the majority of his votes recorded as “not voting.” Nobody mentioned that in 2005 Obama only voted 8 times, missing 359 votes. In 2006, Obama voted 3 times, missing 279 votes. In 2007, Senator Obama missed 442 votes, but managed to vote 166 times. And this year, Obama has voted 124 times, despite his busy schedule, missing his civic service by not voting 196. During the DNC, nobody mentioned Obama’s voting record as the most liberal in Congress.

Joe Biden, plagiarism poster boy, 30 year Washington insider (more than John McCain’s Senatorial service) and now Obama’s partner in old hat politics, was ranting as usual with nothing to show for it. Nobody gasped when Biden combined Amtrak and veterans in the same sentence in his speech and being part of what America needs to look after.

“But I profoundly disagree with the direction John wants to take this country, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Amtrak to veterans.”

Biden, was highlighted as going home every night to tuck his sons into bed. Nobody mentioned that the trip each night costs Biden $192. That’s a sum of money that most of the middle class couldn’t possibly fathom, nevermind pay for with their incomes. They must not know that Biden’s son is a lobbyist and Amtrak board member. They must not know that Biden has built his political career on Amtrak.

Biden’s support of Amtrak soaks the taxpayer, not the rich.
Proposed Amtrak Bailout Would Bust The Budget
National Review – Amtrak

Nobody mentioned Obama’s friends, unrepetent Capital bomber and terrorist, William Ayers and Bernadine Duihn, Communist sympathizer Alice Palmer, anti-American and racist Rev Jeremiah Wright and Rev Pfleger, Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Nevermind that the family photos didn’t show Obama’s mother as a Communist sympathizer who met Obama’s father in a Russian language class.

Crime does pay.

The crowd cheering for Obama’s hope rhetoric and empty promises don’t even know who Obama or Biden truly are. It’s change that will quickly send America down a socialist drain with higher taxes, more inflation, more unemployment, putting the onus on the middle class to support America. An Obama/Biden White House will increase Muslim bravado and attacks.

The phoniness and empty suits on the stage with the Obamamessiah were enthusiastic and got the crowds going but by Friday, the talk was all about John McCain.


Written by smalltalkwitht

August 29, 2008 at 3:02 pm

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