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Biden Prefers McCain Over Obama

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Biden endorses McCain over Barack Obama.

Biden Said Obama Is Not Ready To Serve As President. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “You were asked is he ready. You said ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.'” Sen. Biden: “I think that I stand by the statement.” (ABC’s, “This Week,” 8/19/07)

Biden: “If the Democrats think we’re going to be able to nominate someone who can win without that person being able to table unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy, I think we’re making a tragic mistake…” (Sen. Joe Biden, “The Diane Rehm Show,” 8/2/07)

Biden: “Having Talking Points On Foreign Policy Doesn’t Get You There.” (“Biden Lashes Out At Obama,” ABC News’ “Political Radar” Blog,, 8/2/07)

Biden Attacked Obama For Voting Against Funding U.S. Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan, Accusing Him Of “Cutting Off Support That Will Save The Lives Of Thousands Of American Troops.” Biden: “And, look, Tim, if you tell me I’ve got to take away this protection for these kids in order to win the election, some things aren’t worth it. Some things are worth losing over. That would be worth losing over. Hundreds of lives are being saved and will be saved by us sending these vehicles over which we are funding with this supplemental legislation. And I want to ask any of my other colleagues, would they, in fact, vote to cut off the money for those troops to protect them? That’s the right question. This isn’t cutting off the war. This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 9/9/07)

Biden On Obama’s Leadership On Iraq: “I Don’t Recall Hearing A Word From Barack About A Plan Or A Tactic.” (Jason Horowitz, “Biden Unbound: Lays Into Clinton, Obama, Edwards,” The New York Observer, 2/4/07)

Biden On Whether He Would Meet Unconditionally With The Leaders Of Rogue States As Obama Said He Would: “Absolutely Positively No.” Biden: “Would I make a blanket commitment to meet unconditionally with the leaders of each of those countries within the first year I was elected president? Absolutely positively no.” (Sen. Joe Biden, Remarks At The National Press Club, Washington, DC, 8/1/07)

Biden Attacked Obama’s Public Pronouncement That He Would Unilaterally Attack Pakistan, Saying “The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Telegraph To The Folks In Pakistan That We’re About To Violate Quote ‘Their Sovereignty.'” Biden: “[A]nd I’m told, Senator Obama announced today. Senator Lantos (sic) and I wrote into law, the requirement that the aid to Pakistan be conditioned upon their support of us going after Al Qaeda in their Western province. It already is a law. The question, the way to deal with it is not to announce it, is to do it. The last thing you want to do is telegraph to the folks in Pakistan that we’re about to violate quote ‘their sovereignty,’ putting Musharraf in a position that makes it virtually impossible for him to do anything other than what he’s done. Basically cut a deal with the warlords along that border to our great detriment. So it’s not something you talk about.” (Sen. Joe Biden, Remarks At The National Press Club, Washington, DC, 8/1/07)

Biden Criticized Obama’s “Johnny-Come-Lately Position” On Afghanistan. “The Biden for President Campaign today congratulated Sen. Barack Obama for arriving at a number of Sen. Biden’s long-held views on combating al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Much of what Senator Obama has proposed Senator Biden has already initiated or accomplished.” (Sen. Joe Biden, “Biden Campaign Congratulates Sen. Obama For Johnny-Come-Lately Position,” Press Release, 8/1/07)


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August 23, 2008 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Biden is his VP, omg! I am so disgusted with all the news media given to Biden. Delaware has lost it’s mind! Our local paper, The News Journal, Sunday and Monday issues, has a front , local , and Life page stories on Biden, and no mention of his past. Not a thing has been mentioned about on what the hell he has done for the state, or any mention of his poor record on voting on important issues in the 30 some odd years. not to mention, no votes while he is going all over the country looking for votes during his last try for President. What a joke he is, and what a joke it is here in Delaware. Biden is a Catholic and belongs to St Joe’s on the Brandywine, in Greenville, De. [our blue blood country area] which by the way, is where the very rich Republicans live. He also lives in a mansion in Greenville, and his neighbors are not happy at all with the news media hanging out there, or should I say camping out, LOL! Also not a mention from St. Joe’s Catholic church, about Biden’s pro- choice. St. Joe’s is so excited that he is a member of the church, but has forgotten the pro-choice issue he stands for. So they let him receive Holy Communion without batting an eye. What kind of example is the church setting? Joe can’t do anything wrong!!! You think I am pissed off, can you tell, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!


    August 25, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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