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No Freedom Of Memory In China’s History

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Dear T,

We are being told that there should not be politics in the Olympics. To be politically correct we should not mention the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 or Mao’s massacres and mass incarcerations during the Cultural Revolution. We are not to mention Tibet or Darfur. We are not to mention either that we were also fighting China during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as it is now well documented that many opposing soldiers in those wars were actually members of China’s armed forces. Plus, we should not mention the methodical and systematic persecution of Catholics and other Christians in China. We are to show restrain all in the name of being politically correct.

So why do we have to open AT& and see on the front page the worship of Chairman Mao by our press and not by the Chinese alone? You will notice that Mao is in the background and the flag is in the forefront as the soldiers salute the flag and the photographs suggests the salute to Mao in the background.

I would like to dismiss the photograph as a product of carelessness or lack of memory. I would also just like to dismiss it as another display of “typical American concern with the future” and a disregard for History, as foreign intellectuals would lead us to believe. However, I just learned that Mr. Henry Kissinger is among the group of American dignitaries that will be present during the Olympic Ceremonies.Are we going to again listen to Mr. Kissinger’s speeches selling us Chairman Mao’s wisdom?”Mr. Kissingers speeches describing “the eyes of wisdom of Chairman Mao” ignoring the Cultural Revolution and other of “the Chairman’s” contemporary massacres and political regressions remain of record.

Who among us will follow Mr. Kissinger’s path with another speech praising Mao? Are we going to ignore Tibet or Darfur in our speeches praising the Communist apparachnik in power? The history that is so often repeated to our expense will tell.


S. G.

Thank you S. for your letter. How appropriate is the pollution overshadowing the city of Beijing as Chinese officials try to stop the world from seeing the historic sins of the Chinese government?

Of course, Chinese officials are saying it’s not pollution but mist. Another revisionism of what is really going on there? James Fallows, of the Atlantic, is there in China has an excellent diary on what’s really going on leading up to the Olympics in China.



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