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UPDATE: Caylee’s Babysitter Found?

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UPDATE: Local Channel 6 news reporter finds Zenaida Gonzales who lived at the Sawgrass Apartments in Orlando.

Nearly three years old, Caylee Anthony goes missing and nobody notices for a month. It’s not plausible. Watching Greta Van Sustern’s interview with the grandparents tonight, I was shocked at the nonchalant, calm manner in which both the grandmother, Cindy Anthony and George Anthony, the grandfather talked about their missing granddaughter and their 22 year old daughter, Casey Anthony, sitting in jail. Their appearances on television round the clock seem to be deliberately enacted and well-planned out.

Tonight as Greta interviewed the Anthony’s and received a tour of Casey’s and Caylee’s room, it was surreal. How Cindy Anthony can look at all of Caylee’s baby pictures and talk about Caylee’s first few weeks on earth, her first birthday parties, and not well up with tears and emotion? How can that be? I was fighting back tears and I’m not even related to this family! How can anyone look at this beautiful child’s photographs and videos without getting emotional thinking of all the horrible scenarios going through their minds about their baby being killed?

This kind of event would have a normal parent and grandparents sobbing for their baby? Why aren’t they traumatized? They’re not even showing signs of shock. They are not medicated. They’re going on with their lives. They are even planning a birthday party for Caylee. How macabre to listen to Cindy and George say they believe their daughter when Casey says “Caylee’s close by.” These were grandparents who talked to their daughter supposedly every day and didn’t notice their first grandchild was missing for a month?

What grandparent, even if thousands of miles away doesn’t say put “my grandchild” on the phone and let them talk to grandma or grandpa? Even if it’s just to say hi and I love you. They talked to Casey nearly every day and didn’t speak to their granddaughter? The granddaughter didn’t miss her toys or her room? Caylee didn’t miss the family dog?

I don’t believe this family is as perfect as they want people to believe. One month is enough time to destroy evidence and to create alibi(s). That George Anthony is a retired sheriff leads one to believe he would know what evidence is needed and how to get rid of a dead body if he had to.

Here are the questions I would like to ask the police and the grandparents.

  • Have the police interviewed neighbors regarding the lifestyle of the entire Anthony family? Are they always this calm or are they introverted and never associated with anyone?
  • Do the grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony work and have they interviewed co-workers to see if Cindy’s and George’s behavior and personality changed in June?
  • You can do a lot of decorating in a month. Have police checked bank accounts to see if anything in Casey’s bedroom was purchased in June?
  • Have the police interviewed neighbors, relatives, and friends of Casey’s and the Anthony’s to see if the Casey’s and Caylee’s bedroom always adorned with all the photographs of the Caylee with her loving Mom and loving grandparents. Was the bedroom always that neatly cleaned up?
  • With those intense family photographs decorating the wall of Casey’s bedroom, how could the grandparents go without talking to their 2 year old granddaughter for more than a week, nevermind a month?
  • Why was there a need for a babysitter or nanny when Casey lived with her retired parents, if they didn’t work?
  • Why did the grandparents, the grandfather a retired sheriff, not have a contact information for the babysitter in case of emergencies?
  • Did the grandparents try to get a hold of Caylee during the month?
  • Why did the grandfather, a sheriff not ask Casey where Caylee was after reporting the toolshed break in to police?
  • If this is kidnapping and blackmail (possibly drug related?) has the grandfather confided to the FBI?
  • Have the police impounded Casey’s vehicle to see if the car really did have a gas gauge that was having problems? Casey said that’s why she broke into the tool shed and borrowed the gas cans.
  • Everybody has a shovel. Especially a retired, in excellent shape sheriff. Was there a shovel already in the toolshed?

I believe the Anthony family is guilty. They know what happened to Caylee, they know what they are doing and they are just getting through this horrible experience as best as they can. Cindy and Anthony know their daughter is going to jail for child neglect. And that’s okay with them – they know their daughter is guilty. But to them it’s better than the electric chair.


2 Responses

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  1. I love your questions, T.

    This story leaves me speechless.


    August 5, 2008 at 11:34 pm

  2. Glad to know others share my outrage over this case. It breaks my heart. Why isn’t anyone else asking these same questions???


    August 6, 2008 at 6:43 pm

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