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Focus On SUV In Deadly Accident

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Another case of where SUV’s are the cause of 9 deaths on an Arizona highway. It shouldn’t matter to the average reader that there were 18 people packed into the vehicle. Why should it?

18th century slave cargo ships were crammed with thousands of captured humans and they crossed the ocean easy enough. Okay, so some ships sank with all on board in chains drowning. That’s not the point.

It’s the SUV rollover that’s the main focus and title of the Associated Press’s article not the illegal aliens being trafficked and killed.

AP update: Smugglers don’t care if “cargo” arrives dead or alive. Finally, someone admits they were illegal immigrants.

As always with liberals, it’s about the environment not human life.

More here: Modern Day Slavery


Written by smalltalkwitht

August 7, 2008 at 2:35 pm

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