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Dog Cloner S & M Kidnapper Fugitive?

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One for the Darwin Awards – Stupid criminals.

For Bernann McKinney and her cloned labs, it means that her skeletons are coming out of the closet. This totally bizarre revelation comes to light because Brit officials recognize McKinney as the 1977 kidnapper of a young Morman man.

After a brief affair in the United States, Joyce McKinney, then 28, seems to have tracked Mr Anderson, then 19, to Ewell in Surrey, where he had been posted for two years as a door-to-door Mormon missionary.

With the help of a friend she is alleged to have kidnapped him and chained him to a bed in a remote cottage. After apparently failing to persuade him to marry her and father her children she then seems to have forced him to have sex with her. He finally escaped and she was arrested.


During the 1977-78 court case it was claimed that Joyce McKinney had, with the help of her friend, confronted Mr Anderson on the steps of Ewell’s Church of the Latter Day Saints and frogmarched him to a car where he was subdued with chloroform. They then appear to have driven him 200 miles to a rented 17th century cottage in Okehampton, Devon.

To add further mystery and zing to the whole story, Mr Anderson was said to have been wearing a Mormon chastity belt at the time. Joyce McKinney is also said to have read him religious texts and played him romantic tapes before sexually stimulating him. In her defence, she claimed that it was a bondage game played with his full consent. Legend has it that after he eventually promised to marry her she loosened his chains and he then escaped.

Ms. McKinney denies the allegations. How bizarre. Do criminals actually forget their past?


Written by smalltalkwitht

August 7, 2008 at 10:28 am

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