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Randy Pausch, Inspirational Lecturer Dies

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Everyone is dying, some people have the fortune and the gift of knowing when and time to prepare for it. The “Last Lecture” was a poignant event that was created just for Randy Pausch’s children. He was best known for “dying” right in front of us, but he also achieved much in his life.

Randy Pausch died today at the age of 47. God bless him and his family. May we all have as much grace, good will, and love for our family and mankind.

Pausch died at home of complications from pancreatic cancer, Carnegie Mellon University, where he taught for 10 years, reported on its Web site.

The computer science professor was best known for his “last lecture,” entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” which he gave in September 2007 just weeks after learning he was suffering from terminal cancer.

Footage of the poignant and inspirational lecture became a hit on the Internet, viewed by millions of people.

A book based on the talk, “The Last Lecture,” was translated into 30 languages and became an international bestseller, Carnegie Mellon, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said on its Web site.

In the lecture, Pausch spoke about the dreams he had achieved, such as writing a World Book Encyclopedia entry and experiencing zero gravity. But he said he learned more from the dreams he had not achieved, such as his desire to be a professional football player.

He said he delivered the lecture as a guide for his three young children.

“I’m attempting to put myself in a bottle that will one day wash up on the beach for my children,” the university quoted him as saying.

BBC’s article on Randy Pausch. Randy developed the 3-D animation software instrumental for use in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean.


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July 25, 2008 at 1:45 pm

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