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Orlando Controversial Billboard Right On Message

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How’s that for a voter who’s had enough of Congress’s direction and impediment of solving our nations’s crises and forgetting about the war against terrorism. And he’s putting his wallet where his mouth is.

There are three billboards across Orlando that all contain the same controversial image.

Each shows the Twin Towers burning and read ‘Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat’. At a time when people are trying to forget the Twin Towers on fire, the billboards attempt to remind us of the War on Terrorism.

It turns out the bill boards direct people to a website which promotes a political song, written by a Saint Cloud resident Mike Meehan, who also has his own music video. The musician and business owner is making a musical statement in Presidential politics. His song is called “Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat.”

Meehan says this is about his First Amendment rights and his freedom of speech.

Mike Meehan has also written a great song also called “Don’t Vote For A Democrat.” You can listen to it here. Mike says the billboards will be up through the election this fall.

I’ve written Mike and asked him where can I contribute to his next billboard: Vote ALL Incumbents Out!

Orlando City Council just found out that because of housing crisis, Gov Crist’s and the Republican legislature Amendment 1 property tax rollback there will be a $30 million dollar loss in tax revenue. The Orlando City Council’s solution: 21% property tax increase to homeowners. No cutting back on “entertainment venues” being built by the city, no cuts on fat cat city consultant experts, no belt tightening (without laying off the overworked public servants) of city budgets. Just tax the homeowner.

Mayor Buddy Dyer? You’re out next election!
District 1 Commissioner: Phil Diamond You’re out next election!
District 2 Commissioner: Tony Ortiz You’re out next election!
District 3 Commissioner: Robert F. Stuart You’re out next election!
District 4 Commissioner: Patty Sheehan You’re out next election!
District 5 Commissioner: Daisy W. Lynum You’re out next election!
District 6 Commissioner: Samuel B. Ings You’re out next election!
Senator Mel Martinez and Senator Rick Keller? You’re history!

Thank Bud Hedinger and WDBO 540AM for bringing this to our attention. I couldn’t call in, but I was furious when I heard about the City Council meeting. That’s it, enough is enough!


Written by smalltalkwitht

July 15, 2008 at 4:30 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Simple words: our constitution, our nation and our God are under attack… true. Well done by Mike Meehan.


    July 15, 2008 at 7:39 pm

  2. This has been the mantra of New York City for years but on a much larger scale. New York being a Liberal Democratic state it’s elected representatives ( Hillary Clinton being one of them – cough)have been sqeezing the average home owner and business owner year after year. Coupled with one of the highest sales tax, local income tax rates in the country and real estate tax abatements offered to the wealthy builders and buddies of elected Democratic officals, New York city has seen an exodus of thousands of hard working “tax paying” citizens to states that “welcome” their “hard earned tax dollars” at a much lower tax rate. Watch out America this so called Democratic Liberal agenda is coming your way in November !!!

    Lynn Di.


    July 15, 2008 at 10:18 pm

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