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Almost Hunted Down: Nazi War Criminal

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The search for Nazi war criminals still living and hiding in fear continues. The millions of deaths, the heinous destruction of Jewish culture, and the monstrous and evil procedures used by the Nazis during the Holocaust keeps the Nazi hunters on their urgent mission to bring each World War II Nazi to trial in their lifetime.

Nazi hunters said Thursday they were closer to tracking down Aribert Heim, the infamous sadistic “Doctor Death,” after finding one of his daughters and what they called “credible” information.

“An Austrian doctor, Heim is wanted for killing hundreds of concentration camp victims with his horrific medical experiments, including performing operations without anesthesia and injecting gasoline directly into their hearts.

“He castrated people, he used parts of their body to decorate his office. I’m not giving out these details to emotionalize the issue, but for people to understand how important it is to catch this criminal,” Zuroff said.

The Wiesenthal delegation said they had found Heim’s daughter Waltraut Boser in Puerto Montt, but had not contacted her. Now aged 60, Boser is believed to be married to a local businessman and to have lived in Chile some 30 years.

During that time, she has traveled to Europe roughly 50 times, and in the last two years visited the Bariloche area in neighboring Argentina about a dozen times. Several Nazi criminals have found refuge in Argentina.

Heim disappeared from public view some 43 years ago.


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July 10, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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