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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

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I remember how horrible it was when 11-year old Junny Rios-Martinez was sexually assaulted and murdered. Being on death row for 17 years, this heinous criminal got off too easy. God have mercy on his soul.

“His reign of evil has come to an end,” Vicki Rios-Martinez, Junny’s mother, said in a statement after the execution. “I have closure.”

Junny Rios-Martinez Sr., the victim’s father, vowed that his would be the last face that Schwab ever saw. Tuesday evening, he watched Schwab die in the execution chamber of Florida State Prison.

“You have no idea how hard it was for me not to pound on that glass,” Rios-Martinez said.

Junny Rios-Martinez Sr. said he is sure that his son “did not die as peacefully.”

“I’m sure that the last few minutes of his life were nothing like this, nothing,” Rios-Martinez Sr. said.

Vicki Rios-Martinez described Schwab’s death as peaceful, and said she wished her own son’s death had been similar.

“This human became inhumane,” Vicki Rios-Martinez said, adding that she did not come to witness the execution “to rejoice in a death.”

“Seventeen years is way too long to wait without justice,” Vicki Rios-Martinez said.

Schwab, 39, made no final statement before his death.

The Death Penalty IS A Deterrent

Alabama’s Slow Death Of A Killer


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July 1, 2008 at 11:05 pm

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