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Top Ten Things Overheard on Hillary Clinton’s First Day Back at Work

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1o. “Nice of you to show up.”

9. “Did you win?”

8. “We chipped in for a welcome back pantsuit.”

7. “Should I take the Madame President nameplate off your door?”

6. “Hillary’s choking another superdelegate!”

5. “On the bright side, you can once again partake in endless debates about agricultural subsidies.”

4. “Senator Clinton, please stop throwing wads of paper at Senator Obama’s head.”

3. “I can’t believe your shrill message of fear didn’t resonate.”

2. “Please stop taunting her, Senator Kerry.”

And the number one comment overheard on Hillary Clinton’s first day back to work?

1. “We’ll begin as soon as Senator Craig returns from the restroom.”


Written by smalltalkwitht

June 25, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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