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How Does Your Garden Get You To Grow?

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Readers Digest is one of my favorite magazines to read a lot of information from a multiple of different resources and ideologies. You can read articles on every subject imaginable with a focus on current issues and events around the world as well as word puzzles (my ultimate favorite fun) and humor. My wonderful in-laws have bought us a subscription since I’ve known them and I’m passing along the tradition to my children. The July issue of Readers Digest has a wonderful article along with great photographs of the many ways you can look at a garden. The first photograph made me drool with envy but also inspired me as it’s honest caption: Living Art.

It grows straight up a wall, without soil, on a frame of metal and felt. French-born artistbotanist Patrick Blanc created a crude version of a vertical garden at age 12. Since then, his hydroponic plant walls have been found on museums, hotels, and office buildings around the world. Why do his botanical artworks have such pull with renowned architects? Blanc, 55, says that plant walls in an urban environment are even more energizing than those in a garden. Here, one of his best-known installations, an outside wall of Paris’s Quai Branly Museum consisting of some 15,000 plants of 150 species from Central Europe, China, Japan, and the United States.


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