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They Like US! They Like US!

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Pew Global Attitudes Project is reporting that the favorable views of the United States globally is rising.

…Positive views of the United States have risen sharply in Tanzania (by 19 points) and South Korea (12 points), and by smaller but significant margins in Indonesia, China, India and Poland. Overall, opinions of the United States are most positive in South Korea, Poland, India and in the three African countries surveyed this year – Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa.

However, positive opinions of the United States have declined by 11 points in Japan – a traditional U.S. ally – and in neighboring Mexico (by nine points). The image of the United States also remains overwhelmingly negative in most of the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, though no more so than in recent years.
Fewer than a quarter of respondents express positive opinions of the United States in Egypt (22%), Jordan (19%), Pakistan (19%) and Turkey (12%). Large majorities in Turkey and Pakistan say they think of the United States as “more of an enemy” rather than as “more of a friend” (70% in Turkey; 60% in Pakistan). In Lebanon, 80% of Shia Muslims consider the United States to be more of an enemy.

Good! Overall, right where we should be! Remember, doing the right things doesn’t always make you friends. Those polled who have negative reactions to the United States usually are propped up by anti-American sentiments propagandized by the left-wing media, including global news reporting agencies AP, Reuters.


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June 13, 2008 at 1:28 pm

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