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There Can Only Be One…

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Another Highlander movie? Be still my heart! I don’t mind one more sci-fi fantasy movie as long as the star is Adrian Paul, the second Highlander, Duncan McLeod , and the star of the BBC’s television series. The only weekly television series I know that made it through the television censors with the braw, tall, dark-haired heart-throb having full body orgasms every week. I mean, quickenings.

It is the film that defined Scotland’s international image as a race of kilted warriors. It spawned four sequels, three TV series, a Japanese animated version, comics, books and toys, and it brought tourists to the Highlands in their thousands.

But in the 22 years since the original Highlander came out, the movie tourists have dried up and the last sequel was shot on the cheap in Lithuania and went straight to video.

Now the original film is to be remade, featuring a £25m budget, stars of the calibre of Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy, Scottish locations and a screenplay from the writers of current superhero hit Iron Man.

The hope is that the new version will reinvent and reinvigorate the franchise, just as Casino Royale did for James Bond.

For me there will be only One: Adrian Paul. (Before he cut his hair) Sadly, I doubt he will get the role. Thank goodness, I have my own Norman adopted-Highlander to relish. And the weekly quickenings? Well, that goes without saying.

While I was surfing, I wandered into this site. Yes, I have a dark side so while this is the past – there’s nice pics here: Wraiythe’s Closet of Men. Warning – extremely beautiful Goth vampire artwork, if there is such a creature, but erotic and bloody.


Written by smalltalkwitht

June 9, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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  1. ok, i am not scottish, but mamma mia is he beautiful!!!!!


    June 11, 2008 at 10:49 pm

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