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Pfleger’s Political Pflippancy Pfiltered

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Father Pflegler wasn’t suspended nor was he castigated publically, and he will return to his pastoral duties at St. Sabina’s on June 16th. Hardly enough time to reflect or regret his actions. He martyred himself for Obama’s presidency.

The left-wing Chicago-Sun Times is blatantly misleading in its headlines though when it states that Rev. Pfleger gets to return with no restrictions. There is a MAJOR restriction. He can’t talk politics! What do they think the Roman Catholic Cardinal George meant when he stated: “No more politics.”

Lymore said parish leaders were told by Cardinal George that Pfleger will continue as pastor of the church he has led for 30 years with “no restrictions” — other than not being able to mention publicly the names of presidential candidates or campaign for them. On hearing this, several parishioners called out “That’s all right.”

Asked if it was fair that Pfleger was restricted from talking about the candidates, longtime parishioner Michelle Wong Scott said, “a lot of times, when you’re a member, you have to follow your leadership and do what your leaders tell you to do.”

Let’s see how long Pfleger can keep his mouth shut and theatrics off of the campaign. I doubt he can contain himself very long. He’ll be in the news again.

There’s more for Obama to worry about now: Obama’s next political scandal is on the horizon. Every corner, it becomes more and more evident that Obama’s judgement is torpedoed by his opportunistic desires.

Pflegler Steps Down But Not Because He Wanted To.


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