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Catholicism Once Again Majority In Scotland

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Catholics have reclaimed the largest population base in Scotland since the early 16th century, but not because of the Scots. Polish immigrants have now boosted the Catholic percentage to the top in Scotland.

The change is due to the huge numbers of Catholic Polish immigrants who are boosting church attendance, raising numbers by some 50,000 people since the last time figures were published in 2002. A spokesman for the Catholic Church said: “There are now more masses being said in Polish than in Gaelic in Scotland. At St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, there are two Polish masses every Sunday. It has made a significant difference.”

He claimed that the Polish-inspired revival was now boosting the Church in other areas. “In terms of vocations to the priesthood, we hit rock bottom a few years ago when we had only about four or five men training to become priests. Now there are 15 or 16.”

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May 25, 2008 at 7:38 pm

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