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Earthquake Leaves Millions Homeless

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God help the people in China. The country’s officials issue global appeal for 3.3 million tents for millions of earthquake victims. 80,000 dead.

The death toll in China’s Sichuan province from last week’s earthquake has risen to 55,239, with another 24,949 missing, a senior government official said here Friday.
The number of people injured in Sichuan is 281,066, the province’s vice governor, Li Chengyun, told reporters.

Li added that the earthquake caused nearly 5.5 million buildings to collapse.

The number of people left homeless in Sichuan is over 5.47 million, he said, raising the figure from around 5.2 million given earlier in the week.

Chinese Officials Move Olympic Athletes To Lift Spirits They have over five million people without homes and they are worried about their athletes and winning in the Olympics?

“It’s actually very serious. While we can manage people in such times, it is difficult to manage their feelings,” Xinhua quoted Zhang Rongwei, head of a local sport institute, as saying.

“At present, the athletes’ coaches are not satisfied with their training,” Zhang said.

The Earthquake and the Olympics.

It’s not about the selfish interests of a Communist country, but the innocent and helpless victims caught in a human tragedy.

God help the suffering and dying in China. WARNING: Don’t watch the heart wrenching montage video made by Beijing native, Doven Sorge, if you do not want to see death.

Click here for how you can help.

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May 22, 2008 at 11:39 pm

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  1. Sometimes, there are no words to express the angst that I feel. I grieve for the children that will not grow and for their ideas that will not flourish. The numbers dead are so incomprehensible. We can only pray for Mercy. We are all brothers and sisters.


    May 23, 2008 at 2:42 pm

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