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Sin Bins Advised By Minister For Brats

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Another symptom of socialism not working in education. Unruly students being placed in sin bins, the equivalent of juvenile detention in the United States. The difference between UK and US is that the UK sends them as young as five to sit and learn anger management skills.

The measure forms the centrepiece of a Government blueprint for overhauling the ‘forgotten service’ of 450 pupil referral units – so-called sin bins – for the country’s most disruptive youngsters.

Mr Balls also raised the prospect of private firms running the units for profit, a development certain to infuriate many within his party and the teaching unions. The minister also gave his backing to ‘”studio schools'” where pupils will be treated like employees from the age of 14 and learn in a business-based environment.

Mr Balls said a “radical transformation'” of the education of the 135,000 children every year who cannot be taught in ordinary schools would see more sent to refertensionral units – but for a shorter time.

“We would like to be intervening at a much earlier stage and using alternative provision before you get into the world of exclusions at all,” he added.

“If you are going to spot early young people who are at risk of going down the wrong track and intervene to give them support, then starting that in primary school is absolutely the right way to go.”

Pupils could be sent to the units fulltime or spend only part of the week there.

Could the reason be no fathers in the home administering discipline and a sense of stability? At the same time that 135,000 children can not behave in the classroom, could the reason be a lack of family identity? Lack of a father in the home? Lack of discipline? An abundance of moral turpitude?

Women Win Right To Not Have Fathers In The Home. That’s right, in Britain who needs men? How do you think boys feel growing up in a society that no longer values a man?

Fathers Ruled Unnecessary By British Courts.

Can you hear the screeching now to an undisciplined testesterone crazed child? “Just wait till your sperm donor sees how you turned out!” Oh yeah, that’ll get him to behave.

Socialism does not work. Government is not the answer.

A family with a loving mother and father is the answer.

Written by smalltalkwitht

May 20, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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