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Muslim Political Correctness Expands Definitions

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Asylum is no longer a nice word… In Britain, a nicer word is “sanctuary.” Please change your p.c. dicitionary to reflect more “niceness.” Just another under the radar tactic by a Muslim organization to infiltrate Western society.

A poll for the Independent Asylum Commission found that only 28% of people viewed “asylum” positively, and 33% viewed it negatively.

In comparison, more than 81% thought “sanctuary” had positive connotations. Slightly more people – 31.3% – most associated the word “asylum” with a place for the mentally ill rather than with safety for the persecuted, the poll said.

Ahead of the launch of the report today, a spokesman said there was “grave misunderstanding” among the public which threatened to undermine Britain’s long tradition of offering help to those fleeing persecution.

“The commissioners advise those wishing to communicate effectively with the public to avoid using the term ‘asylum’ or ‘asylum seeker’ if they wish to convey messages about people seeking sanctuary from persecution,” he said.

Ifath Nawaz, president of the Association of Muslim Lawyers and co-chair of the Independent Asylum Commission, said: “The public have to understand and support sanctuary and the system that provides it for those fleeing persecution.


Written by smalltalkwitht

May 20, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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