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Superstitious Display Doesn’t Allow For Resting In Peace

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St. Padre Pio, recently canonized 20th century saint, has been put on display as cult-like worshippers pass by. Masquerading as a non-decomposing corpse, a wax mask has been placed over Padre Pio’s face to protect the more sensitive viewers from a non-disclosed vitiation.

A team of biochemists and other experts has worked since the exhumation to get the body into a fit state to be shown. Padre Pio’s face was covered with a lifelike silicone mask of the type used in wax museums.

This prompted a circle of Padre Pio devotees to ask last night for an autopsy to establish that the remains were authentic. Forensic scientists who took part in the exhumation and attended yesterday’s conference denied his face was badly decomposed. They said it had been decided to use the mask to protect the sensibilities of those who visited the crypt where the body is to go on show.

The Church should promote a healthier attitude of death and an eternal unseen soul than the macabre voyeurism of an improbable incorruptible mortal body.

Padre Pio’s Body Exhumed.

Incorruptible Saints.

15th St. Catherine of Bologna’s supposedly incorruptible body looks like an Egyptian mummy.


Written by smalltalkwitht

April 27, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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