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Good News For Recession

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Investors Business Daily has some potentially good news on the horizon for the pseudo-induced recession that Democrats are imposing on taxpayers.

Recessions are part of capitalism. They happen every so often. We’ve had two in the last superprosperous 25 years. And it looks like we’re entering a third one after the latest jobs-loss report.

The unemployment rate went up to 5.1%, which is still a low number in historical terms. But the March labor report showed a loss of 80,000 payroll jobs, while payrolls in the prior two months were downwardly revised by 67,000.

Nonfarm payrolls have fallen for three straight months after peaking last December.

Private-sector jobs have dropped four consecutive months.

This is a big warning sign. Within the private-sector report, professional and business services payrolls — one of the biggest gainers over the past 15 years — dropped 35,000, the third straight monthly decline following a December peak.

Meanwhile, the household survey that picks up entrepreneurial small-business totals is now down 678,000 jobs since a peak in November.

The recessionary handwriting looks to be on the wall…

Or is it? Lawrence Kudlow has some indications that it may be over soon.

How Recessions Work.


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April 11, 2008 at 11:50 pm

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