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Part II – Voting For Obama And Friends? Think Again…

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Welcome Conservative Beach Girl, Cathlete, and Rezkorama readers!

Part II – A reader, RMY writes and says:

It seems that the mansion and the lot next door were available but Obama could only buy the house ($1.65m) and the seller wanted to close both simultaneously. So, as a favor, Rezko’s wife purchased the vacant lot, closing the deal on the same day and deeding the property to Obama.

This makes him one of the people. Obama’s problems in life have been typical of the poverty-stricken unemployed in the United States that allows him to understand their experiences. Remember Obama is running on change. Changing the ethical climate in Washington, D.C.

So this is the real story but the NPR version: Obama Land Deal Clouds Senator’s Image doesn’t even mention that the investor is Syrian immigrant Rezko and his wife’s links to slumlording while being chummy and charitable to Democrat politicians.

While Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, Rezko’s firm offered Obama a job. When Obama first ran for the Illinois Senate in 1996, Rezko was among his first political donors. And when Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, Rezko was a major fundraiser.

On the same day that Obama purchased a stately South Side mansion for $1.65 million in 2005, Rezko’s wife, Rita, closed on a $625,000 vacant lot next door. In January 2006, Obama paid Rezko $104,500 to purchase part of the vacant lot to expand his own yard.

The Sun-Times reported that Rezko donated to Obama at the same time residents were without heat at one of the troubled properties operated by Rezko’s firm, Rezmar Corp. The firm received taxpayer help to rehab 30 buildings, including 11 in Obama’s state legislative district on the South Side.

Obama said in the interview Monday that he was unaware of the scope of properties owned by Rezmar or the problems surrounding them. He said none of the affected residents personally sought his help and that aides at his state Senate district office did not recall any inquiries. Still, he said it was “possible” that during his tenure in the legislature that a constituent may have written or called his office “saying, ‘We’re in a building, and we’re unhappy with the service here.”

Chicago Sun Times cites Sma’ Talk Wi’ T.


If you thought Bill Clinton’s under the desk set and disappearing friends, either deceased or jailed, was scandalous, just wait till Barack Obama’s White House guest list becomes public knowledge. Investor’s Business Daily fills us in:

Hillary Clinton may have been casting the first stone in a recent debate when she blasted Obama’s cozy relationship with Syrian immigrant and “slumlord” Rezko, who rose to become a player in Chicago and Illinois politics. But she was right on target.

Rezko was among Obama’s earliest supporters. In 1995, when Obama ran for a seat in the Illinois Senate, Rezko, through two of his companies, gave Obama $2,000. Obama won election in 1996 in a district that coincidentally included 11 of Rezko’s 30 low-income housing projects.

In 2003, when Obama said he’d run for the U.S. Senate, Rezko held a lavish fundraiser at his Wilmette, Ill., mansion. Rezko has raised a lot of money for Obama, who is returning $150,000 raised by Rezko and his associates and is giving $72,650 in Rezko contributions to charity.

Rezko is known by the Chicago press as a “fixer” who can make things happen for a price. Little is done out of the goodness of his heart. He’s on trial for bilking up to $6 million from the people of Illinois through kickbacks while working for the administration of current Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Did Rezko find jobs for Obama supporters? That is one of the questions the Chicago press wanted to ask before Obama cut short a recent press conference.


An interesting sidebar to the deal was that just weeks before, an Iraqi billionaire by the name of Nadhmi Auchi, who has a French conviction for corruption to his credit, had loaned Rezko $3.5 million through the Panamanian company Fintrade Services FA.

A 2004 Pentagon report obtained by the Washington Times identified Auchi as a global arms dealer and Iraqi billionaire “who, behind the facade of legitimate business, served as Saddam Hussein’s principle international financial manipulator and bag man.”

The report states that “significant and credible evidence has been developed that Nadhmi Auchi has engaged in unlawful activities” such as bribing “foreign governments and individuals prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom to turn opinion against the American-led mission to remove Saddam Hussein.” He also helped “arrange for significant theft from the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program to smuggle weapons and dual-use technology into Iraq.”

Yet Auchi, despite his French conviction and other activities, was somehow able to get permission to come to Chicago in 2004. John Batchelor of Human Events says that in April 2004 Auchi met with Rezko, Gov. Blagojevich, State Senate President Emil Jones Jr. and reportedly then-state Sen. Obama, who’d just won the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination.


Why would an Iraqi billionaire, a “fixer” like Rezko and a Saddam protege, be interested in a rising U.S. politician who was also opposed to the ousting of Hussein by U.S. forces? Why would that billionaire lend that much money to Obama’s fundraiser, Rezko, with the two buying adjacent properties from the same seller on the same day?

Among Obama’s circle of friends is William C. Ayers, currently a professor of education at the University of Chicago and a former aide to Chicago’s current mayor, Richard M. Daley. He served with Obama on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago.
Back in the 1970s he was known simply as Bill Ayers, a terrorist with the Weathermen who was quoted in the New York Times as finding “a certain eloquence in bombs.” Married to fellow Weathermen terrorist Bernadine Dohrn, he writes openly about his role in the 1974 bombing of the U.S. Capitol Building.

His memoirs appeared in the New York Times, oddly enough, on Sept. 11, 2001. In them, he wrote: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” Does Barack Obama agree? Or will he denounce these words of his friend as he did with Louis Farrakhan after Farrakhan’s endorsement of Obama?

If liberals are so delusionally rabid about Cheney’s Haliburton connections and George Bush’s oil connections, how oblivious to Obama’s closet of scandalous skeletons will they be? Read all of Investor’s Business Daily’s details for the facts.

Must Read ~~> Hugh Hewitt along with Kithbridge is on the trail of Obama shenagins.


Written by smalltalkwitht

March 10, 2008 at 11:48 pm

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  1. First time I’ve been to your blog. Good post here on Rezko. Looks like a good demonstration of Barack “crossing the aisle” where Islam meets Christianity – hummmm….

    Beach Girl

    March 7, 2008 at 2:07 pm

  2. Wait … according to the Tribune:

    Rezko co-hosted “a $3.8 million Chicago fundraiser in 2003 for President Bush.”

    Bush is in bed with Rezko, Rezko is in bed with Saddam. Saddam was part of the Axis of Evil. Korea supported the North Vietnamese. They brainwashed McCain. Bush must be supporting McCain because he is the manchurian candidate for Red China.

    Thank you for figuring that out for me.


    March 7, 2008 at 9:52 pm

  3. Anonymous has it all wrong! Bush is in bed with Saddam after he was in bed with the Saudis but now he’s in bed with Halliburton who is in bed with the entire former Elite Guard–all of whom were in bed with Saddam. But it doesn’t really matter anymore since the whole country thinks the other 49 states should be fixated on which bed the Governor of New York is in! Rest easy, Anonymous–MamaToc will figure out all the bed questions for you.


    March 11, 2008 at 12:43 am

  4. This has been around for ages, it was only a matter of time before it finally went national.


    March 11, 2008 at 2:33 am

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