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Hillary Luring Obama With Vice Presidency?

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Have you heard the saying “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?” Hillary’s actions this weekend epitomize her willingness to sell her lackluster soul to win the White House. In an absolute example of hypocrisy, Hillary (who lost the primary in Wyoming on Saturday) says Obama doesn’t have the experience to be president but she now wants him to be her Vice President?

Hillary and Bill Clinton are again teaming up on Barack Obama — this time saying the first-term U.S. lawmaker, whom they have derided as inexperienced, would be a strong running mate on a Democratic presidential ticket headed by the former first lady.


“The Clintons are in a difficult position,” said Dennis Goldford, a political science professor at Drake University in Iowa, who has tracked the presidential race.

“If she wins the Democratic presidential nomination, she would need Obama’s supporters. But she needs to be careful. If this talk of him on the ticket is seen as a cynical maneuver, it could backfire and hurt her,” Goldford said.

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, an Obama backer, mocked the idea.

“It may be the first time in history that the person who is running number two would offer the person running number one the number two position,” Daschle told “Meet the Press.”

Hillary won’t take no for an answer if she loses in next month’s primaries.

Obama needs to fight back.

Add to Hillary’s mythical claims of being named after Sir Edmund Hillary that she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland. Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, calls her a “wee bit silly” but it’s really pathological lying that affects Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill.

How can Obama or the United States voters trust anything Hillary says she will do?


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