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Politics’ Most Embarrassing Question: Are You Still In?

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With all the ado about Hillary and Obama, with McCain waving from the White House side door – has anyone even had a thought of Ron Paul? No, not the 70’s porn star… that’s Ron Jeremy. I mean Ron Paul, the liberatarian flake who wants the military to pull out immediately, allow unpasteurized milk to be sold, and talks about seeing aliens. Wait – that last one is Dennis Kucinich’s neurosis. Yes, Ron Paul has reared his ugly head to make noise for one final climax.

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is hinting to supporters that he is ending his long-shot campaign for the presidency.

The Texas Republican congressman addressed supporters in a 7 1/2- minute video on his campaign Web site Thursday night and did not specifically say he was quitting the race.

He said that although victory in the conventional political sense is not available in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved due to the hard work and enthusiasm of his supporters.

He said that he hoped that one day he and his supporters could look back and say his campaign was a significant first step that signaled a change in direction for the country.

Paul said their job now was to plan for the next phase of their effort.

Next effort????? Goodness gracious, is Ron Paul the new Ralph Nader?


Written by smalltalkwitht

March 7, 2008 at 1:17 am

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