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UPDATE: Bobby Cutts, Jr Convicted And Sentenced

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UPDATE: A deliberate and calm judge disregarded a jury’s recommendation and sentenced Bobby Cutts, Jr. to 57 years in prison without parole. He was convicted of the murder of Jessie Marie Davis, and her unborn baby daughter, Chloe. The jury did not want to impose the death penalty.

The crimes, extremely tragic, because Davis’s 2 year old son witnessed his father murder his mother and then was left alone to fend for himself before being found with his dead mother body. Bobby Cutts, Jr, an ex-cop baby killer is likely not to survive the next 57 years in prison.

UPDATE: 6/25/07 11:00AM Sheriff’s confirm that Davis was killed at home.

UPDATE: 6/24/07 6:00PM Myisha Ferrell has been arrested in the murders of Jessie Marie Davis and her daughter, Chloe.

UPDATE: 6/24/07 2:09 PM FOXnews is reporting that police now investigating an accomplice in the murder, Myisha Ferrell, an old high school buddy with an extensive criminal record. The warrants cites that the police were looking for sheets, pillow cases, cell phone, cleaning supplies, including bleach, DNA evidence.

UPDATE: 6:01pm EST The Stark County Sheriff department has recovered the body of Jessie Marie Davis and arrested Bobby Cutts for charged with two counts of murder for Jessie Davis and her unborn child.

More bad news. A 6pm EST Sheriff’s public announcement is expected to deliver bad news. The Stark County, OH Sheriff’s department has called off the search and called Jessie Davis’s family in for important news.

God bless Jessie Davis, her unborn child, her two year old son, and her family. Bobby Cutts, a police officer has confessed to murdering the mother of his children.

WHBC radio reported Saturday that Bobby Cutts Jr. confessed to killing Jessie Davis, the pregnant woman who disappeared in northeastern Ohio, last week. He is reportedly leading authorities to the locations where she and her unborn child were buried.

Authorities were investigating whether the body of Jessie Marie Davis was dumped in a quarry in northeastern Stark County, the Canton Repository reported.

Mounted patrols concentrated their searches Friday and today on several quarries near Cutts’ home. A source close to the family of Cutts said he may have led investigators today to the place where Davis’ body was, and is in police custody, the paper reported.

The Stark County sheriff and the FBI have called a “very important” press conference for 6 p.m.

Foundling Not Jessie Davis’s.

The number one cause of death among pregnant women is homicide.


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