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Father Of Conservatism Dies

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William F Buckley, Jr. , known as the Father of Conservatism, creator of the National Review, host of the 1960’s public television Firing Line, and author of over 50 books, including the Blackford Oakes spy novels, died today at the age of 82 from complications of emphysema.

Ronald Reagan called Buckley “the most influential journalist and intellectual in our era.”

Luck was in the very bones of Buckley, blessed with a leading man’s looks, an orator’s voice, a satirist’s wit and an Ivy League scholar’s vocabulary. But before he emerged in the 1950s, few imagined conservatives would rise so high, or so enjoy the heights.

For at least a generation, conservatism had meant the pale austerity of Herbert Hoover, the grim isolationism of Sen. Robert Taft, the snarls and innuendoes of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Democrats were the party of big spenders and “Happy Days Are Here Again.” Republicans settled for respectable cloth coats.

Unlike so many of his peers and predecessors on the right, Buckley wasn’t a self-made man prescribing thrift, but a multimillionaire’s son who enjoyed wine, sailing and banter and assumed his wishes would be granted. Even historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., who labeled Buckley “the scourge of American liberalism,” came to appreciate his “wit, his passion for the harpsichord, his human decency, even … his compulsion to epater the liberals.”

Don’t know anything about William F. Buckley, Jr? Here’s some good links. Watch the videos. God bless him and his family.

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