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Where Have All The Powers Gone?…

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Hello my fellow Canmericans, or is it Americanadaxicans or Amexicanadians? How about Norunionists or simply the Artists Formerly Known as Americans?

America as we know it is gradually disappearing into that sad sunset that is World Federalism. Our sovereignty weighs in the balance as treaty after treaty and pact upon pact sinisterly steal our rights of self determination . No longer can we assume that future generations of Americans will prosper under the ideals that have made this country free for all those willing to pay the price for the freedoms our Forefathers agreed to as given to all men by our Creator. Somewhere along the line we have become to be complacent and numbed by the system that was designed to serve our needs and wishes but now has taken on a life of its own.

Our Government is no longer “Of the People, By the People and For the People”. Where once our Government stood tall and many times alone, our Government now has chosen to slowly surrender OUR rights so as to align itself with lesser and weaker nations under the guise of strength and security. The mathematics of such plans is touted as 1+1+1=3 whereas in reality it is 1 country divided by 2 others = 1/2.

Under the clandestinely designed North American Union, America will form an economic bloc, similar to the European Union. Now in addition to that economic merger, a new player has evolved. On Feb. 14 the U.S. and Canada signed an agreement that allowed the Army of either Country to “Help” the other Country in times of civil emergency. This sounds benign and even beneficent until one remembers that in May of 2007, our Feckless Leader, G.W. Bushwhacker, dealt himself the Trump card from the bottom of the deck by signing a Security Directive that even Chairman Mao would envy. This directive is another stroke of the pen that was never approved by Congress and gives our duly elected Judas Goat more power than any of us would want ANY President to have, none the less one that has repeatedly grabbed power in one hand while doling out our rights with the other.

People, the time is NOW, not soon, not someday, but NOW, to contact your Congressmen and Senators and demand that such actions are rescinded. Unless you do, you can bet your bottom Amero that you will wish you had.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 25, 2008 at 11:23 am

6 Responses

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  1. I am appalled. But I have felt for quite sometime that the America we knew–or thought we knew–was gone. I have gradually grown suspicious of George W. Bush as he allowed a foreign invasion of our borders by the Mexican people and not a shot was fired. You think Mao envied the pacts signed by W? The Russians must be knocking themselves in the head at the thought that all they had to do in the 50ies was simply walk across the border and sign up for benefits.
    I live in a state that faces a fourteen billion dollar deficit yet refuses to cut costs to the invaders. I live in a state that makes me install lightbulbs that don’t work as well as the ones my grandparents used. I live in a state that this morning became a laughing stock when one neighbor was sued by another because his redwood trees cast a shadow on the solar panels–and there is actually already a law in place that forbids anyone casting a shadow on another’s solar panels between 10 am and 2 pm. This is the same state that has just tried to push through controlling the temperature I keep my house at! I have experienced inability to get treatment in an emergency room because invaders have the system clogged. There is no way I could send my children to public schools because any bright child just sits to the side, given a book to read by a harassed teacher who needs to devote her time to the 50% of her students who don’t even speak the language.
    So what is my opinion? I look at the people left standing in the so-called race for president and know we have lost. We have dropped the ball. Indeed, it is time for a military intervention–isn’t that the way republics usually end? We the people have turned into we the duped. But we aren’t innocent. We have become we the indulged, we the ignorant and we the money grabbers. We think that we are entitled to something just because our parents fought for what was worth fighting for. But don’t ask us to fight! Don’t ask us to sacrifice! And by all means, don’t ask us say we have something better than anyone else used to have. I watch my husband hire non-Americans for any kind of technical job while I see American kids turn up their noses at math and science classes and instead believe the “communications” or ethnic studies propaganda that passes for a major or an education.
    I’m sorry, Grrand Wazoo. We have lost. And I have this horrible sinking feeling that we have deserved to lose. We didn’t fight. We didn’t pass it on. And we still think we have some control. What a joke we have become.


    February 26, 2008 at 7:12 am

  2. How sad that this great nation will become part of a “union” . We use to lead the world. The world looked up to us. Politicians have sold us down the river.You often see me post in the room that I will always vote even when the choices are not exactly “choice”. I feel too many brave men and women have fought and died to preserve that right for all of us. When I read things like that which was on your blog, I feel my skin crawl knowing that this could possibly happen in our lifetime. I tell my siblings children ( a few are parents themselves now) that the America I grew up in was so different than now or even the America they grew up in. We have seen so much change in this great nation. We have a nanny government wanting to control our lives for our own good. We now have to be careful with our words. We have to be politically correct. We need to be careful no one is “hurt” by a word or a mention of God, or God forbid ,Christianity. We might offend.
    Grand Wazoo, no one should be surprised that this nation could end up part of a North American “union”. It is creeping incrementalism and it has been slowly being done to us for a long time.
    Thank you for sharing those sobering thought with me.


    February 26, 2008 at 7:13 am

  3. My thoughts on this subject are more “conservative” than I would have suspected. I have grown afraid of our government in their covertness and flimsy interpretation of our Constitution. Although, I have ambivalent feelings about the state of the union. I think we have made strides in workers’ rights and safety, a healthier respect for the ecology… We’ve made tremendous advances in civil rights and words do matter. There is a difference when one says “Freedom for all men” and another says “Freedom for all people”, insignificant that one word may seem, it holds power. So, I fear for our country. Our education and medical systems are fragile and unhealthy. Our economy is worse than most folks know. A depression would be a dissaster with our young folks so accustom to entitlements.
    Perhaps the United States of America is no more. When we forge political packs with other countries we dilute our identies and perhaps freedom and way of life.
    I agree our candidates for the presidency do not appear to be filled with wisdom and discernment. I think we are in big trouble.


    February 26, 2008 at 12:33 pm

  4. A military plan to associate the Armed Forces of Canada and the United States to fight terrorism may be apppealung on its face. However, any such union without Congressional approval appears to me to be illegal, perhaps treasonous. Beyond this issue, there have been unapproved negotiations underway to effectively create a “North American Union” of Mexico, Canada and the United States. For better than a year, meetings have been held,and articles published posing such a union. Yet, there has been no public outcry or Congressional condemnation that I have seen. As far as the Bush Administration is concerned, there are two possible conclusions: a desire for such a union to support a hidden, private
    agenda that is not in the public interest.


    February 26, 2008 at 7:43 pm

  5. As has been pointed out by others, this decline into oblivion isn’t new. The historians among your readers may trace the beginnings of our decline back to FDR and his Keynesian Federal Reserve policies which merely served to exacerbate the Depression and install for all time, a welfare (read “entitlement”) state where once there existed a free market economy. Others may go back to Woodrow Wilson and his crackpot “one world” ideas and the League of Nations. Some of us even trace our downward slide to Lincoln who sent Federal troops against other Americans because they had the nerve to demand the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment. In suspending civil law, suspending the right of habeas corpus, and even jailing a Congressman (Vanlandingham of Ohio) who had the audacity to question the President’s authority to do these things, I believe that the demise of this country can be laid squarely at the feet of the man who was recently voted “greatest President” on an internet poll. It shows, yet again, that the American people don’t have the sense to govern themselves fairly and honestly and to stand up for something besides their own personal interest. Remember John Adams: “Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.”


    February 26, 2008 at 9:41 pm

  6. My thoughts may seem very simple compared to the other posts. However, I personally think that we need to spend less time making pacts with others and more time taking care of things at home. Repeatedly, laws are passed to infringe on our personal rights, but we still want to provide rights for the world. We allow illegal immigration and justify it, we allow economic chaos, and we want to establish democracy everywhere.
    I respect the men and women who have defended this country and our rights. I feel proud that I am a citizen of this country. But, I am afraid we are getting in over our heads in the world. We can’t provide for everyone when we aren’t taking care of our own.
    I often wonder, if we needed defending…who would be there?


    March 2, 2008 at 1:47 am

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