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McCain Should Wait on Singling Out Obama

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It is really looking like Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee. McCain has accordingly begun to campaign against him. It is understandable because Obama he is such an easy target. Even the Democrats are beginning to recognize that Obama is an empty suit.

But McCain should wait to go on the attack against Obama personally. You can never write off the Clintons, and Hillary will be a much more formidable opponent. With the Florida, Michigan and super delegates out there anything is possible, and the left is starting to worry about Obama. During campaign coverage, Chris Matthew’s asked an Obama supporter the following:

Matthews: “…What has he accomplished, sir? You say you support him. Sir, you have to give me his accomplishments. You’ve supported him for president. You are on national television. Name his legislative accomplishments, Barack Obama, sir.”

State Sen. Watson: “Well, I’m not going to be able to name you specific items of legislative accomplishments.”

Matthews: “Can you name any? Can you name anything he’s accomplished as a Congressman?”

State Sen. Watson: “No, I’m not going to be able to do that tonight.”

Matthews: “Well, that is a problem isn’t it?”

There is no “there” there with Obama. With Islamist jihadhis on the offensive the world over, a serious campaign attacking Obama’s inexperience and fecklessness on foreign policy will make him an easy target. But why shoot now when the Democrats are so close to picking someone worse than their last two candidates?

The danger is that the Democratic super delegates and party leaders will come to their senses, use the Michigan and Florida delegations as cover, and give the nomination to Hillary. The all out warfare in their party will be fun to watch, but it will not last forever. They will regroup around their all out hatred for all things conservative. McCain should just sit back, let them savage each other, and their party in the process, then take on the winner after the dust clears.

Forget the polls, they have been all over the map again this year, from the inevitablity of Giuliani and Clinton to the miracle of Huckabee. Clinton will be the tougher opponent. She will match McCain in at least the appearance of experience; McCain is extremely weak with his base; and she is after all a Clinton. McCain will face a much harder fight against someone he himself has said has integrity and “would be a good president.” (A reminder of why it is going to hurt to vote for him.)

Obama’s populist rhetoric is impressive. He makes Huckabee look like GW when it comes to public speaking. But he ran too soon. He should have accomplished something first. If he had held his ego in check, as was his first inclination, Obama would have been a truly formidable force in 2012 or 2016. But he is a liberal, and a yuppie liberal at that. Delayed gratification is a foreign concept to him.

If even Chris Matthews can see there is nothing there, the electorate will too. Obama is no real threat to McCain in the general election. McCain should run against the Democrats in general, there is no difference between them on policy in any event. Let the Democrats show their true colors, through their convention. When they are done bayonetting their wounded, McCain will still have plenty of time to contrast himself to the paper thin Obama.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 20, 2008 at 12:30 pm

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