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The Perfect Democratic Storm

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The Democratic primaries are shaping up to be a conservative’s dream. Democrats win elections by pretending to be what they are not. Think Bill Clinton and the middle class tax cut that morphed into a massive tax increase. But the Clinton and Obama compaigns are forcing the liberals of the Democratic party to be themselves.

The party of race baiting and class warfare is being hoist on its own petard. Clinton is appealing openly to women, Hispanics and liberal white elites. Obama wins 90 percent of the black vote and men. The Democrats have lived off of victimization and identity politics for so long, they know of no other way to fight this campaign. Fight on ideas? The ideas of Clinton and Obama are virtually identical. Their biggest difference is who will retreat faster from the now winnable war in Iraq.

Now even the Democrats themselves are referring to their coming convention as an impending train wreck. Hillary agreed to the party’s decision not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. But since she is a Clinton, now that she might need those delegates to win the nomination, her campaign is beginning to bleat about the disenfranchisement of voters. The quintessential Clintonite Harold Ickes voted for obeying the party’s rules, before now trying to undermine them. Ickes is quoted as saying “Those were our rules and I felt I had an obligation to enforce them.” Now that he is working for a Clinton though, rules are of course irrelevant.

Either way, the Michigan and Florida delegations will cause carnage for the Democrats politically. If the delegates are seated and give Clinton the nomination, it is a sure bet that Obama’s supporters will make the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago look like a Knights of Columbus bake sale. If the delegates are not seated, the Clinton’s lawyers will replay the 2000 Florida vote count in the courts; followed inevitably by calls to man the barricades at the convention, no matter who wins in the courts.

It will be the war to see who are the biggest victims. This is just too delicious. Maybe, just maybe, some of the rank and file of the Democratic Party will begin to think about whether the politics of race, class and division is necessarily the best way to run a party, let alone a country. But don’t hold your breath.

An interesting side note will be waiting to see how the Democrats blame their internecine warfare, and blatant appeals to racsim and class envy, on conservatives and the Republican Party. I have no idea how it will be done, but there is no doubt that the best minds of their party are working on it even now.

But nothing will detract from the sheer joy in the coming weeks of watching some true, unabashed liberals show who they really are, for all to see. Call out the riot police and water cannons. This has gone from one of the most depressing political seasons in years to one of the most entertaining.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 17, 2008 at 5:57 pm

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  1. Oh prescient Mercutio, it almost makes it worth the election. That our military is winning the surge and the war in Iraq and that the Democrats are besides themselves to do anything about it, is sublime.

    Thank you for an insight to the behind the Democratic party scene.


    February 17, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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