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Political Nuclear Winter

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So many conservatives are terrified of this election. If McCain wins, we conservatives will be in the equivalent of political nuclear winter, while the country and world fall into the new Dark Ages. From Rush Limbaugh saying that McCain will be the end of the conservative movement within the Republican Party, to Mark Steyn ruminating that the left’s complete control of our education system is turning out hordes of propagandized leftists…the gloom is enough to make you want to buy stock in a pharmaceutical company that makes hemlock.

Steyn’s post on the National Review site identifies the problem like a laser site on a smart bomb. The problem is, and has been, education. We conservatives have seen for years the leftist bias of the media, and heard much about it in the schools, from elementary to post-graduate. My children were bringing home weekly readers from school 15 years ago filled with environmentalist and socialist pap.

Conservative parents have known for years that the schools of this country have been turned into the left’s equivalent of Islamist madrassas. While they are not (yet) turning out suicide bombers, the mentality has been the same. The left learned in the late 60s and early 70s that it was never going to have the revolution it so desperately wanted when so many people benefit from the capitalist/democratic system the left so despises.

But they didn’t quit, they just went underground. The schools became their favorite target. Educational colleges are the vanguard. If you can propagandize the young, enthusiastic teachers-in-training, getting into the heads of thei students becomes easy.

But the pessimism of Steyn, Rush and so many conservatives is misplaced. This country survived Clinton and Carter (not to mention Stalin and Hitler) The thought that we will be done in by a McCain, Clinton or Obama is just ridiculous.

Get over it guys, if even France can elect a Sarkozy, we are in no danger of fading into oblivion. We have met the enemy, and are (finally) learning their tactics. The only way conservatism loses this culture war is if it doesn’t fight back. It does, after all, have the strategic advbantage of being right.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 5, 2008 at 4:30 pm

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