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Where No Pope Has Gone Before

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Kris sent me Jay’s letter who in turn sent me Jeff Miller’s Curt Jester’s Splendor of Truth’s blog. Jeff Miller is an atheist turned theist and since 2002 blogged on punditry, prayer, parody, polemics, and puns from a Papist perspective. Jeff’s post on Pope Kirk 1 on the altar design for Pope Benedict XVI’s USA tour is funny.

The chair immediately reminds me of what I think would be the perfect chair if Captain James T. Kirk was elected Pope cracked me up.

Surely he would feel right at home in such a chair. I have commented on Kirk chairs used as celebrants chairs in the past, though this is the first Papal Kirk chair I have noticed. Maybe IKEA is now designing liturgical furniture?

Now the design is not exactly ugly, but beauty does not come to my mind when I look at this rather cold and stark set. The designs on the pulpit and lectern are kind of interesting, but incongruent and they bring nothing to mind of the Church. They could easily be used in any non-liturgical setting without looking out of place in for example an auditorium. It does make me wonder about Captain Kirk as Pope on the U.S.S. Vatican. Currently though we do have theologians who have gone where no theologians have gone before In fact I think many bishops have a Prime Directive towards theologians in their diocese – that is a non-interference policy – I guess in hope that one day they might develop intelligent life.

I would like to see a Star Trek movie developed along Kirk as Pope lines – surely if the Enterprise could visit one planet with Cowboys and another with Gangsters, and so surely there is a parallel world that is explicitly Catholic.

How about “The Wrath of Küng”?

Pope Kirk: Küng is denying my Papal authority again! We must return to Switzerland. Scotty give me warp factor nine and your opinion on Küng’s latest treatise.

Cardinal Scotty: Captain, I am engineer not a theologian!

Really funny, but the comments on the post are even funnier! Go to Curt’s blogsite and add your own Trekkie insights. Curt’s site has had good reviews:

  • The Curt Jester: Disturbingly Funny —Mark Shea
  • EX-cellent blog —Jimmy Akin
  • One wag has even posted a list of the Top Ten signs that someone is in the grip of “motu-mania,” — John Allen Jr.
  • Brilliance abounds —Victor Lams
  • The Curt Jester is a blog of wise-ass musings on the media, politics, and things “Papist.” The Revealer
  • Not all the Jester’s lines hit their target. –Commonweal

Okay, so not all the reviews are great, Commonweal’s probably an atheist who thinks Picard should be in charge of the altar design.

Check out the American Papist’s article on the altar furniture.

Now reviewing the design on the altar? Could it be more sterile and lackluster? But then again, it does embody the spirit of the early Church without the pompousness and vulgar opulence of the Middle Ages. Maybe with some beautiful flowers it will be more regal. Or does Pope Benedict XVI even want that?

It reminds me of the Bread and Circuses (episode 225, 1968) of Star Trek, the original series:

“What are we looking at, a 20th century Rome?” — Kirk

Live long and prosper, Catholic Church.

Thanks Kris, Jayfor passing it on!


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 30, 2008 at 11:18 pm

3 Responses

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  1. The Curt Jester sounds like a very talented man.


    January 31, 2008 at 1:03 am

  2. Talk about dark 😦


    January 31, 2008 at 9:13 am

  3. It is dark… I’m kinda disappointed… I want it to be regal and majestic and sacred. I’m sure they could be a balance between ostentatious and respectful?


    January 31, 2008 at 9:13 am

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