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Obama Wins South Carolina

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UPDATE: Obama is winning 51% to 29% Hillary.

Barack Obama wins the South Carolina Democratic primary election by almost 3 to 1 (63% to 24%) at this time. Although racism is supposed to be dead, it’s alive and well in South Carolina. There won’t be happy campers in the Hillary campaign with these results.

Hillary is going to see this continue as she and her huband try to push their way back to the White House where they think they belong.

Sadly, Caroline Shively, Fox News reporting that more Democrats voted in the primary today than did South Carolina Republicans last Saturday. Florida’s election on Tuesday and its looking like Romney will take the Republican race.

UPDATE: Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) is endorsing John McCain. Crist definitely hasn’t been the most Republican governor and truly a disappointment to me.

McCain is not a conservative. McCainhas sided with the Democrats so many times, on illegal immigration with Ted Kennedy, on the McCain-Feingold campaign reform that took away the 2nd amendment rights, that I definitely won’t be voting for him. I’m sorry for Huckabee, I liked Mike and wanted a chance to vote for him but Huckabee ruined his own campaign by being too quip-witted, light-hearted, and his record on illegal immigration was not conservative. But then if Governor Crist is any indication and former Governor Huckabee’s record is any indication, I guess I’m glad that I learned this early before the main election in November.

This is what primaries are all about – learning about the candidates and seeing them in the heat of the political action. It’s truly telling about their integrity, their character, and their moral values. It’s also a learning process for the voter. It is for me.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 26, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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