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And John Edwards Wonders Why He’s Losing?

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In his concession speech in South Carolina, John Edwards starts off with:

“To give voice to people like the woman I met in Kansas City a few years ago, who told me the story of working full time, and of not being able to pay both her heating bill and her rent. And having to come home every night in the winter, and dress her children in all of their clothes, in their coats, put them under blankets, and put them to bed together so that they could stay warm. And she told me the story of getting them up every morning, out of the bed, fully clothed, with their coats on, feeding them, and sending them off to school, and praying, praying, that no one would find out what was happening in her home, because they would come and take her children away from her. Noone should live like that in America. We are better than that…”

Ummm John, you’re in South Carolina? I wonder how much John Edwards helped that woman? Can he even relate to people living in extreme conditions in his own McMansion financed by the millions he earned as an ambulance chaser?


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 26, 2008 at 10:36 pm

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