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Debates Showcase Mudslinging

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I missed the first twenty minutes of the Republican portion of the debate but debate isn’t the word that should be used for these events. These were chatty Cathy talking points. The debate didn’t do much for me but show that candidates on both sides can eat members of their own party.

On the Republican side, I think Huckabee and Fred Thompson made the best showing, but then everybody ganged up on Romney. McCain took the harshest comments about his amnesty bill. Thompson was more alive and conversational than I’ve ever seen him (except in script on his tv show) and he made very good points. I can see someone watching the candidates for the first time saying Thompson would make a good president.

On the Democrat side, the two who held their own were Obama and Richardson. The candidates took turns taking each other to task. Hillary was embarrassing as she played the “hurt little girl” after being told she wasn’t likeable. This is news to her? She is not presidential material. She kept talking about accomplishments yet didn’t seem to recall that she hasn’t accomplished anything. She had the nerve to bring up Obama’s lobbyist.

Asked to name something they have said that they wished they could take back, Richardson mentioned his favorite Supreme Court Judge that President John F. Kennedy nominated, Whizzer White. Richardson didn’t realize that White was against civil rights, Roe vs Wade, and discrimination laws, partisan mainstays of the Democratic party.


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