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Mein Koff Part 3

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As many of my faithful readers know, in my effort to quit smoking, I had an adverse reaction to a prescription Nicotine patch. For the time being I have decided to take a different approach and that is to simply cut down to one pack a day. I usually go through two packs a day but many of those cigarettes simply burn away as I work at my computer. After one month, I plan to cut back to 18 coffin nails per day for a two week period and then cut down to 16 per day for two weeks and to continue trimming my smoking at that same pace until I have kicked the habit altogether.

One of the foreseeable problems will be what to do with the inevitable nervous energy that cessation will cause. Perhaps I will be writing more or even catch up on my reading. For Xmas I received a copy of Stephen Colbert’s latest book “I am America (and so can you!)” I think I’ll have to give that some attention.

At any rate, I am still determined to beat the butts and I’ll be sure to give you all an update every day or so. As long as I keep fighting, I have not lost.


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January 4, 2008 at 3:30 pm

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