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Feminist Groups Ignore True Misogyny For Their Own Immoral Values

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What worldwide events are worth noting on the N.O.W.’s website? What do you think would be the most important issue with feminists? A woman’s right to live, have a career, to be in the political process?

Here’s a list of the article titles on N.O.W’s webpage today January 2, 2008:

  • Below the Belt: NOW’s Naughty List – Stereotyping Toys
  • FCC Votes To Make Big Media Bigger – Congress Should Slow Consolidation
  • NOW, Hundreds of Groups Demand Health Care For Immigrant Children
  • NOW Mourns Loss of Feminist Leader, Julia Mueli (Who? Oh, yeah… she edited the NOW newsletter and created a line of feminist jewelry that funds NOW and the ERA campaign)
  • University Women Wins Safety Reforms in Title IX Settlement
  • NOW Lobbies House on Hate Crimes
  • Restore Affordable Birth Control to Low Income and College Women
  • Put Volunteer Attorneys to Work for Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Demand Emergency Contraception (EC) at Wal-Mart
  • Tell Congress to Promote Network Neutrality – The free and open nature of the Internet and telecommunications are under attack. Individuals can access a range of information and services previously unthinkable. But all this could come to an end without network neutrality.
  • No Reward for Imus
  • Are Women Human?
  • High Speed Internet is a Feminist Issue
  • Repeal the Global Gag Rule
  • Demand Accountability for Women’s Health at the FDA
  • Lift the Ban: Repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!” More…

Nothing on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. In fact if you do a search on NOW’s website for the words Benazir Bhutto, this is what you will read:

National Organization for Women Search for : –>
Did you mean bankruptcy both?
Search for Benazir Bhutto. Search results: benazir : 0, bhutto : 0
Sorry, your search for Benazir Bhutto did not find any results.
Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different or more general keywords.
Use our extended search mode to have more search options

Benazir Bhutto’s murder should be on the lips of every member of N.O.W., every feminazi, every woman who faces abuse in the world today. Bhutto was not killed because of politics or religion.

The Australian columnist Pamela Bone’s article on the real reason behind the assassination of Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister should strike fear in all women, no matter their religious views.
The time is NOW to recognize that women in nearly every country in the world are still considered second class in religion, politics, and employment.

Massive and Systematic Abuse of Women Worldwide

The UN and Women’s Rights

UN Criticizes Austria on Women’s Rights

Chinese Human Rights Reports
Women’s Human Rights

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January 2, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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