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Back To Square One

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Disappointment is the word for today. I awoke early this morning, earlier than normal. While listening to my old coffee maker groaning away as it brewed my morning libation I found myself in my usual Pavlovian state of anticipation of that first cigarette of the morning when I spotted the box of nicotine patches on the table and thought to myself “Here goes”.

After fumbling with the packet that the patch came in I managed to apply it on my forearm. I poured myself a cuppa joe and turned the kitchen TV on to catch the local news. As I sipped my coffee and absorbed the banality that local news usually is, I began to realize that I was getting somewhat light headed. I wondered if it wasn’t just a bit of morning fogginess and thought that once my coffee hit bottom it would dissipate, but it didn’t. I quickly removed the patch and did a bit of self monitoring as my acuity began to slowly return. As the light headedness abated, it was being replaced with a glimmer of a headache which steadily grew.

I’m fairly certain that this episode can be attributed to the nicotine patch which of course, takes my quest to stop smoking back to square one. Perhaps the dosage is too high or maybe I chose a bad spot to apply the patch and there is also the thought that the patch may not be the mechanism by which I can succeed in my quest. I will have to consult with my Doctor and perhaps a smoking cessation clinic but in some form or another, the fight will go on.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 2, 2008 at 11:17 am

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